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About Us

Matthews Nurseries was established in Wanganui, New Zealand in 1947. For over 70 years we've been growing beautiful roses for kiwi gardeners to enjoy.


Bob and Cath in the Nursery

Bob & Cath Matthews amoungst 'Iceberg' Standard Roses in the Nursery


We pride ourselves on producing and creating the healthiest, best performing rose plants for our customers. Matthews Roses are available from selected garden centres across New Zealand and through our online store.

Our journey began when Tom and Pearl Matthews set up the nursery in 1947 with a wide range of roses, selection of fruit trees and vegetable seedlings for sale. Tom's son Bob and his wife Cath took over the business in 1978 and ever since they have been dedicated to growing the Queen of flowers.


Tom Matthews

Tom Matthews with 'Ellerslie' Crabapple tree (bred by Tom)



Marie and the Truck (1951)                                        Bob budding roses (1965)

As agents for the world’s top rose breeders we have the unique opportunity to introduce the best new roses from around the globe to the New Zealand market. All our new varieties are trialled and assessed under a no-spray regime for over 6 years on the nursery in Wanganui, ensuring that only roses best suited for New Zealand conditions are released.

We also breed our own new rose varieties, with the Bob Matthews hybridizing programme established over 20 years ago. Bob's creations are well known for their health, vitality and outstanding garden performance with many winning awards both in New Zealand and internationally. We’re excited to have developed and introduced the exclusive ‘My Rose Collection’ in 2018. A stunning range of easy care, spray free, repeat flowering floribunda's bred from Bob's own personal favourite rose ‘My Mum’.


'My Dad'

'My Dad' - Bred by Bob Matthews


All roses offer a richness of form, colour and fragrance that is unrivalled by other plants. Their popularity endures changes in trends, a timeless classic that will never be out of place in any garden. Generations of gardeners have found it hard to resist the allure and romance associated with the rose and at Matthews we live and breathe these beauties everyday.

Our range of varieties are selected not only for their gorgeous flowers but for their hardiness, health and easiness to grow. You simply can't go wrong with a Matthews Rose in your garden.


Nursery in Bloom

'Dublin Bay' in bloom in the Nursery


At Matthews we're also proud of our exclusive MVT Virus-free programme. Our roses which have the MVT logo on the label guarantee that the plant is free of known viruses. This means a clearer, purer, more vibrant flower, more blooms per plant with stronger, cleaner growth. Developed, certified and tested by Matthews Nurseries Ltd.





Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we wish you great pleasure from your roses and hope you will enjoy them for many years to come, just as we have enjoyed growing them for you.


Bob and Cath Matthews



Special Thanks to Samantha Matthews Photography, Tony Barnes, Ted Hannay, Bob Matthews, Eva Simons and Richard Harris for all of the images used on this website.