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About Us

Matthews Nurseries of Wanganui have been growing quality roses for NZ gardeners for over 65 years.


Pearl Matthews, Bob & Cath Matthews amoungst 'My Mum' in the Nursery, 2012

With this new website we are delighted to sell our roses direct to you! Please enjoy our online shop or you can also visit one of our exclusive stockists. Matthews roses are sold to a few selected garden centres in NZ so see our Selected Stockists page for the one nearest you.

Roses offer a richness of form, colour and fragrance that is unrivalled by other plants, making them a true favourite garden flower. Their popularity endures changes in garden trends, a timeless classic that will never be out of place in any garden. Generations of gardeners have found it hard to resist the allure and romance associated with the Queen of Flowers, and at Matthews we live and breathe these beauties everyday.



Tom Matthews                                         Marie and the truck, 1951                         A young Bob budding roses, 1965


Matthews Nurseries was established by Tom Matthews in 1947, who grew 15,000 Bush, 3,000 Standards, Weepers (and a small range of trees and shrubs) in Wanganui. Bob and Cath Matthews took the business over in 1978 and now 35 years on, we are one of the specialist rose growers in New Zealand.


The Roses in full bloom in the nursery, approx 1995


We grow a large range of roses, from tried and true favourites such as Iceberg, Dublin Bay and Aotearoa NZ to newer varieties such as Diamonds Forever, Midnight Blue, Lasting Love, Burgundy Iceberg and My Mum to name just a few.

As the New Zealand agents for many of the world's leading rose breeders, it enables us to offer you top award winning roses from around the globe. All our new releases are trialled and assessed under a no-spray regime in NZ conditions for up to 6 years, enabling us to only release the very best new roses for our customers. Bob also has developed his own extensive hybridizing programme over the last 20 years, which has produced many great award winning New Zealand roses. 


Bob with his rose 'Diamonds Forever' at The Hague International Rose Trials


We are passionate about quality and totally committed to supplying the best and latest varieties. Part of that commitment is being the only rose nursery in NZ to maintain an ongoing virus-free production programme, to ensure our roses will give you many years of flowering pleasure, without the decline in vigour a virused plant suffers.

Look for our guaranteed virus-free plants with the MVT logo on the label.


Photograph showing the nursery and various stages of rose production. Each rose has taken 3 years of loving and tender care with us before lifting in winter.


We hope you get as much enjoyment from your roses as they have given us in growing them for you. The Queen of Flowers has a place in every garden, large or small. So from everyone at Matthews, we wish you great pleasure from your roses, Enjoy!


Cath and Bob Matthews


Special Thanks to Samantha Matthews Photography, Tony Barnes, Bob Matthews, Eva Simons and Ted Hannay for all of the images used on this website.